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Community-Owned & Community-Focused Since 1974 

  • 5,000 Member-Owners Strong

    5,000 Member-Owners Strong

    Find out the benefits of becoming a member-owner. Member-ownership is not required to shop the Co-op.

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  • Savings for Everyone

    Savings for Everyone

    Shop Our Co-op Deals and Weekly Specials Sales Flyers

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accordian trial

accordian trial


Blueberry Spoon Blue Wood

Blueberry Spoon Blue Wood

Blueberry Spoon Blue Wood

One-Time Refundable Fee

Membership is a one-time, refundable, equity share of $100, not an annual fee. You can make payments of at least $10 for up to 10 months or pay for it all at once.
When you become a co-op member you actually become a co-op owner! 

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